01. We used the [acid] from our chemistry experiments in high school to burn holes in our books.
02. The [acid] in the solution turned our blue litmus paper red.
03. The chair was put in a mild [acid] bath to remove the paint.
04. I've heard that you can have a tattoo removed using a kind of [acid] on the skin.
05. The [acid] in vinegar hurts my teeth if I have too much of it.
06. I need something to neutralize the [acid] in my stomach.
07. The level of [acidity] in our rainwater has caused concern among environmentalists.
08. [Acid] rain has killed thousands of trees in our forests.
09. The fruit was a little old and was starting to taste somewhat [acidic].
10. Her [acid] comments regarding his presentation really hurt his feelings.
11. "You will never be an actor," he said [acidly]. "You simply don't have the talent."
12. They dropped a couple of hits of [acid] and ran around the park screaming and laughing all night.
13. Some guy tried to sell us some [acid] outside the nightclub, but we told him to get lost.
14. The soil is quite [acidic], so you should add some lime to it.
15. The addition of lime to the soil will help to reduce [acidity].
16. "I'm sure you will do your best," he said [acidly]. "Unfortunately, your best is usually not quite good enough."
17. He took some [acid] and then sat and stared at the sky all afternoon.
18. Henry Ward Beecher once noted that fear secretes [acids], but love and trust are sweet juices.
19. Ugo Betti once observed that memories are like stones; time and distance erode them like [acid].
20. Pierre Trudeau once exclaimed, "Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and [acid] rain."
21. Timothy Leary once said, "There are three side effects of [acid]. Enhanced long term memory, decreased short term memory, and I forget the third."
22. Diamonds do not dissolve in [acid]; the only thing that can destroy them is intense heat.
23. When an onion is cut, it releases a gas which forms a weak [acid] which irritates the eye and makes people form tears.
24. Our stomach has a thick lining which protects us from the burning [acids] used to digest food.
25. Citrus fruits are good for raising the [acidity] level of a garden compost.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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